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Wat is reflexologie?

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the principle that all parts of the body have a corresponding reflex point in the feet. By applying gentle pressure to these areas, an effect is caused on the energy pathways, helping to clear blockages and aiming to restore balance. It offers a means of helping the body as a whole, which means that causes of symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves, can be worked upon.

For whom is reflexology?

Reflexology is intended for adults who:
 - need purification of the body
 - suffer fatigue, stress or anxiety
 - need support during convalescence processes
 - suffer complaints of unknown origin

Reflexology is also intended for children who:
 - suffer stress
 - suffer concentration problems
 - are hyperactive
 - need support to adapt to new situations, such as difficult growth processes

Wat levert het op?

What does it do?

 - detox: purification of the body
 - relax: relax, releases strain, allows to come to rest
 - re-align: stimulates the body's capacity to heal itself
 - diagnostic: distinguish existing frailties
 - preventive: helps prevent occurrence of complaints and sickness
 - healing: a series of treatments can remedy certain complaints

What does a treatment cost?

A treatment takes usually just over an hour (15 min of intake conversation, followed by 50 min actual treatment) and costs 80 euro.

Refunded by your insurer

recognized by BATC Elsa Bendezu is considered to be a top-reflexology-therapist in Amsterdam and has thus been recognized by BATC, (Stichting Belangen Associatie Therapeut en Consument BATC) the Dutch supervising body of therapists. This ensures you of getting an honest, clear and sincere approach of natural health care and should give you the confidence that treat yout healt in a natural manner. She has performed vast studies in the field her treatments are thus covered entirely or partially by more than 90% of the health care insurers.

An appointment?

Please contact:
Elsa Bendezu
LUZ reflexologie
Bertelmanstraat 17
1075 LT Amsterdam
mob. 06 23281066 / tel. 020 6240755